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I am honored and excited to announce that I am the new Mrs. Pittsburgh International 2024 and on March 16th, I'll be vying for the prestigious title of Mrs. Pennsylvania International. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, I am proud to call the Steel City home along with my Husband Aerion, and our two sons, Aerius and Amari. 

A FAMILY AFFAIR... The  Mrs. International Competition has been developed to promote today's married women, their accomplishments, and their commitment to family and marriage. Around the world, women are finding this system to be the opportunity to work with their husbands and family to become positive role models.

And you know what makes this journey even more special? It's the perfect opportunity to advocate for menstrual equity with my organization SisterFriend. As the next Mrs. Pennsylvania International, I'll continue the vital work of creating an equitable environment where girls can thrive and embrace their changing bodies with confidence and pride.

Thank you to the Mrs. Pennsylvania International organization for welcoming me into this sisterhood. I am looking forward to representing The City of Pittsburgh on this incredible journey and ultimately the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the Mrs. International Stage

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My Why:

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a young girl named Leigh. Leigh comes from a low-income family, and as she enters middle school, she faces a significant challenge: managing her period. Her family struggles to afford menstrual products, and she often finds herself missing school during that time of the month. Leigh is embarrassed and feels isolated from her peers, unable to fully participate in activities or concentrate on her studies.

Now, let's consider what could happen if Leigh did not receive the support she desperately needs. Without access to free menstrual products and comprehensive education, Leigh's situation worsens. She continues to miss school, falling behind in her studies and losing confidence in herself. The shame and stigma surrounding her period only intensify, causing her to withdraw from social interactions and opportunities to grow. As time goes on, Leigh's educational prospects diminish. Her dreams and aspirations become distant and unattainable. Without the necessary support, Leigh's potential remains untapped, and the cycle of inequality continues.

But we have the power to change this narrative. By advocating for menstrual equity and education in schools, we can alter Leigh's story and countless others like hers. Imagine a world where Leigh has access to free menstrual products, where she receives comprehensive education that empowers and uplifts her. In this world, Leigh's confidence soars, her attendance improves, and she becomes an active participant in her own education.

Through my organization, SisterFriend's advocacy, we are creating an environment where Leigh and girls like her can thrive. We are breaking down the barriers that hold them back, ensuring they have the resources and support they need, and providing them with the knowledge to embrace their bodies and navigate their menstrual cycles with confidence. By doing so, we open doors to a future where Leigh's potential knows no bounds, where she becomes a changemaker, a leader, and an inspiration to others.

As the next Mrs. Pennsylvania International, I'll continue the necessary work to create an equitable environment where girls like Leigh can embrace their changing bodies pride.



Join the Period Party Challenge!

 Organize and host your own product drives, collecting and donating menstrual products directly to schools in your local communities.


Share your pictures with us using





Building Awareness

Join Tamara at one of  her online educational workshops.

October 19th 8:30 PM



How to talk to your child about her first Period



Join Tamara at these events as she advocates for menstrual equity on a local, national and international level.

15th Annual Inclusive Voices: 

Nov 17, 2023

Fairmont Pittsburgh


key facts


  • Since 2015, SisterFriend has provided a half million menstrual products to those in need.

  • SisterFriend has hosted 6 In-Person Educational Workshops for students ages 10-16.

  • SisterFriend has partnered with over 50 organizations (local, local and global) to distribute menstrual products.

  • Has hosted 2 Nationally recognized Leaders in the Menstrual Equity Movement for the SisterFriend Speaker Series in partnership with the School of Public Health and the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Received over $50,000 in grant funding and over $10,000 in private monetary donations to support SisterFriend's programming.

  • Tamara was honored as the Pennsylvania “Period Hero” by Always Brand and Wal-Mart and received a donation of 50,000 pads and pantiliners as well as recognition on their website and social media platforms.

  • Featured in numerous press articles ( as well as the short documentary: Cycle Series - Homeless Experiences of Menstruation 

  • Tamara published her first book: Period Posse, Embracing Change and Empowering Others



To learn more about SisterFriend visit:

For Guest Appearances or Sponsorship please email:, note: Mrs. Pittsburgh International


To learn more about the Mrs. Pennsylvania International Pageant visit:


To learn more about the Mrs. International Pageant visit:

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