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Tamara Abney has refined an exclusive 5-level system to transform business professionals into world-class leaders, giving them the distinct advantage that they need to succeed.

The 5-Level System

Level 1

The Command Advantage: Owning the Room

Having command of the business environment is a tremendous edge and is an essential foundation for success. Tamara Abney teaches the techniques peak professionals use to make a strong entrance, create positive and memorable first impressions, establish strength and poise through eye contact, posture, and handshakes, and confidently network with clients and prospects. The course also introduces effective strategies for electronic business communications.

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

The Entertainment Advantage: Dining with Dignity

One of the most intimidating business environments can be the formal entertainment of clients and prospects, or the attendance at an important formal dinner event. Tamara Abney expertly guides professionals with proper training in the protocol of dining, hosting, and being a guest. In this customized training, topics include preparing and responding to invitations, proper toasting, how to conduct one’s self in receiving lines, knowing where and when to sit, and recognizing the silent service code. American, European, and Asian styles of dining are explained and coached.

The Global Advantage: Winning the World Over

To succeed in conducting business internationally, professionals must have full cultural awareness and an understanding of the distinct differences that can make or break a relationship. This course leverages Tamara Abney’s advanced training and builds knowledge about differing global business cultures and customs, and coaches how to act professionally in key situations—including knowing how and when to give an appropriate gift. International business travelers can have Tamara curate a custom travel brief. Here, professionals learn how to fit in while always being outstanding.

The Image Advantage: Being the One to Watch

It’s been said that image is everything. And, while it is just one aspect of being a successful business professional, it is a powerful way to establish a distinct edge in any environment. Tamara Abney applies her advanced training to help professionals discover the power of their image as a non-verbal tool in business. Participants learn how to dress in a way that expresses their authentic self and projects the image they want and need. Learn how to convey confidence and professionalism in all situations. As an add-on, the course can include a personal shopping trip, closet cleaning and closet organizing strategies, and the Business Travel Capsule Collection. 

The Preparedness Advantage: Having a Plan for Everything

Being caught off guard can throw anyone off his or her game. Fortunately, by building awareness and being prepared in advance, a business professional can establish an advantage even before they arrive. In this course, Tamara Abney teaches precedence and its impact in business situations, coaches how to prepare for pre-planned seating arrangements, understanding proper forms of address, recognizing flags in a corporate environment, selecting appropriate official gifts, and always representing your organization professionally at an official event.


For Employers

Preparing your organization’s top performers.

Perhaps you have an individual on your team who has great technical skills but struggles with client or internal interactions. Or you may have a rising star who just needs more refinement when it comes to client entertainment or in meeting with executives. Tamara Abney training can help. 


Every organization strives to have a distinct advantage, whether that’s business growth, client retention, achieving top rankings, or attracting and retaining top talent. That advantage comes in having a team of leaders that can be counted on to consistently perform at the highest level in all situations—having professionals that put your company in the best light possible. 


Are your employees better prepared and more poised than your competitors when managing meetings, networking, entertaining your clients, or conducting international business on your behalf? Tamara Abney can get you there. 

While others provide traditional etiquette and protocol coaching, Tamara Abney has advanced the art and science of professional refinement by utilizing contemporary techniques ideal for a rapidly evolving and more global business environment. With a genuine understanding of the business world, she applies her unsurpassed range of professional development qualifications and years of business and hospitality experience to create a truly powerful approach to developing leaders for a modern world. Tamara Abney calls her comprehensive 5-step system, The ADVANTAGE. You’ll call it the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. 


As the Director of the Center for Women, I prioritize working with workshop presenters who are engaging, knowledgeable, and professional. Tamara is the embodiment of this ideal. Her style and grace tackling a tough topic with participants (with significant variation in their familiarity with the material) was inspiring. I would book her again in a heartbeat!

Megan V. Rose

Director, Center for Women Pittsburgh

Megan Rose.jpg






As someone who works with college students, I strive to find presenters that are not only knowledgeable in their field but contemporary enough to capture the attention of this busy demographic. Finding Tamara online was like a breath of fresh air as she embodied exactly what I was looking for. From our first contact, she was prompt, professional, and polished in her communication; her arrival on campus reinforced these attributes.


Not only was she able to command the room, but she could draw out participation from students who typically prefer to fade into the background. The real testament to her impact was the overwhelmingly positive feedback from students after the event. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Tamara for future events and would recommend her without reservation.  

Kristen Black

Assistant Director for Student Transitions 
Office for Inclusive Excellence 
Slippery Rock University

We had Tamara come and speak at our Business Development Training for our Managers, Directors and Partners.  With client dinners and events becoming the norm again, it was great to have a refresher for our employees on etiquette.  Tamara did a great job tailoring the information to the level of employee in the room, as well as to our standard business practices.  Even our most tenured employees walked away with something new to think about when it came to etiquette and entertaining our clients.  We will definitely be asking Tamara back again!

Rachael Seitzinger

Sr Internal Dev Coordinator


I work with a diverse, multinational group of graduate business students at Carnegie Mellon University, and oftentimes these students come from varying backgrounds of work experiences, networking experience, and levels of professional development.


Tamara was a PERFECT fit for our students! She masterfully led them through navigating awkward networking scenarios, real-life business situations, and how to conduct oneself in fine-dining settings. Our students left feeling equipt to host business clients, confident in speaking with higher ups, and empowered to achieve personal and professional goals when those opportunities arise in networking settings.


Tamara's training added so much value not only to our students, but to our overall programming for students. 10 out of 10 stars - we cannot wait to have Tamara back! 

Wooten Gough

Associate Director of Student Services, Masters Programs

  • Groups training (ideal for new recruits)

  • Full day, half-day on-site sessions 

  • Regularly scheduled training sessions / full system

  • 1:1 individual training option

  • System content plus custom-tailored content specific to your business

  • Speaking engagements / seminars

For Professionals

Turning young and transitioning professionals into tomorrow’s leaders.

You strive to have a distinct ADVANTAGE in all phases of your career. Having that advantage in business means being better prepared, more capable, and more confident than others. It means knowing exactly what to do when managing meetings, networking, entertaining clients, conducting international business, and more. Training by Tamara Abney is designed to give you that advantage. 

While others provide traditional etiquette and protocol coaching, Tamara Abney has advanced the art and science of professional refinement by utilizing contemporary techniques ideal for a rapidly evolving and more global business environment. She applies her unsurpassed range of professional development qualifications and years of business and hospitality experience to create a truly meaningful and powerful approach to developing young professionals into world-class business leaders. Tamara Abney calls her comprehensive 5-step system, The ADVANTAGE. You’ll call it the professional edge you’ve been looking for, whether you’re just beginning your career journey or transitioning to the next phase. 


Tamara helped me a lot. I was struggling while trying to find the right career path for me and overall my self-esteem was very damaged. Tamara was like a breeze of fresh air to me. She helped me see my true potential, guide me to find the best career path, and just helped me navigate this job-hunting world with a much better attitude. Before finishing our program, I was already scheduling interviews with great companies. Things are progressing nicely and even if they fall through, now I'm confident that it is just a matter of time that I land my dream job.

Nadiezhda Cantu-Medellin

Aspiring Business Professional


Only two years ago I was an entry level Sales Assistant, lacking the preparation needed to advance in my career. While I was ambitious, educated, and experienced, there was still something missing from my repertoire. That is, until I met Tamara Abney. I was drawn to her ability to execute action plans in the most difficult of situations. She was a walking brand, confident, full of knowledge, and connected from coast to coast. Through her training I developed the capability to enact projects with purpose and distinction. I have shaken hands and formed relationships with industry leaders that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. The valuable insight and resources she provided aided my advancement from Sales Assistant to a high performing Sales Manager and has helped me progress from amateur to influencer. To this day, her guidance continues to evolve my talents and desires and empower my success. Tamara Abney is more than a consultant, she is more than a mentor, she is an experience.

Ronnie Mayo

Sales Manager, Duke Energy Convention Center

  • Through your employer. Contact Tamara to discuss how to approach your employer about providing this professional development training for you and other associates. 

  • Small group sessions. This cost-effective approach will include universal training and some limited personalized content.  

  • 1:1 sessions. Personal sessions allow the training to be tailored to your individual needs and desired career path.

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